Set up in 1991 as the first public equine pool facility in the north of England. We are in the Yorkshire Dales on 150 acres of farmland near the beautiful town of Settle.

Our excellent facilities ensure that your horse has the best possible opportunities for maximum fitness and/or recovery and our qualified and dedicated staff ensure that your beloved companion is in the best possible hands.

We Have:

  • circular equine hydrotherapy pool
  • solarium
  • horse-walker
  • outdoor exercise facilities
  • large loose boxes

The Hydrotherapy Pool

We have chosen a circular pool in preference to a straight one to allow the horse to do a longer piece of continuous work to settle down and to build up stamina, rather than having to come out at each end to turn around.

Swimming Is very strenuous. We would estimate that one circuit of our pool is the equivalent to one furlong at a canter although this depends on the fitness and physique of the individual animal.

Each horse’s work varies according to its level of fitness, the type of work it does, whether the animal has an injury or is swimming to replace other work, and also, perhaps most importantly, how easily the horse swims.

The Solarium

The Solarium contains infra-red and ultraviolet lights. It can be used after swimming to dry the horse off whilst maintaining a constant body temperature. This prevents after exercise chilling and also helps the muscles to relax.

It can also be used as a treatment on its own. The ultraviolet rays encourage the healthy bone formation and give the animal a feeling of well-being. The infrared improves blood circulation to injured parts, thereby speeding up the healing process.

Horses can be washed after exercise and put to bed dry and relaxed. Most horses enjoy the solarium and some even go to sleep!

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Offer Circular equine hydrotherapy pool – Swimming increases stamina and works the cardiovascular system.



This is Spike’s story of how he turned from an ‘ugly duckling’ Into a Swan after he came to the Equine Therapy Centre.


Owners and staff

Diane Cornthwaite manages the Northern Equine Therapy Centre, Diane manages the centre alongside the rest of the team.

  • Diane has ridden from the age of 2 competing up to the national level with her own horses.
  • Is part of the family-run Bowland stud renowned for producing quality Irish Draught and Irish Sport horses.
  • Alongside our hydrotherapy work, Diane is also a qualified integrated equine therapist allowing her to tailor each horse’s stay to its specific needs.

Areas My Services Cover

Northern Equine Hydrotherapy Centre is located at Beautry House, Rathmell, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 0FB. We are easy to find, just follow the brown road signs, on the A65 Settle Bypass. “Horses’ Health Farm”


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