Exciting News in What is Unquestionably A Trying Time For All

7March 2021

So today, 5th January, we’re heading towards lockdown, it cold, it’s icy, it’s impossible to ride because of the above, some farm staff didn’t turn up for work, my wifi is at an all-time low even checking emails has been painful, I almost do the splits every time I walk across the farmyard, my dog stole my dinner and last but not least my trusty KA full of terriers wouldn’t make it up the hill from my house…. my neighbor opened his window to offer assistance after hearing my failed attempts and caught me door open, half screeching to myself in frustration, telling my dogs ”stay in the car, I don’t care what your plans are under no circumstances do you leave this vehicle“….. honestly, does this stuff happen to other people or am I as mental as my neighbor now thinks I am!!! In short, everything I tried to do today just didn’t go as planned!!! 

If 2020 taught me anything it was to not be disheartened when things don’t go how

you planned, and quickly adjust to the new situation. In honesty 2020 was a car crash of a year (literally, I had 4 motoring accidents!!) but I’ve survived every day this far, sometimes only just, but I have!! 

So today I just kept readjusting my plans knowing that it’s all going to get done in the end if I just keep at it! Tonight, I’ve had the awesome news that my contracts for a new business opportunity will be with me shortly…… I am so excited about this! It‘s something I’m hugely passionate about and can’t wait to get to grips with organizing. Once everything’s signed off all will be revealed on my website and social media. 

I took this photo this morning whilst walking to get my car (don’t ask…. honestly keeping up with my vehicles has me confused never mind you guys!). It’s a good reminder to me that sometimes you’ve got to pause and appreciate the beauty we are surrounded by daily! 

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