Thank the universe!!

7March 2021

So…. I’ve not written my daily blog for a few days, if I’m honest I’ve been so tired I’ve not been the most productive! I kind of thought that it was an unnecessary task and debated sacking it off completely! 

This morning I woke up to comment and several likes on my blog posts!!! It turns out that it isn’t a total waste of time documenting my life’s twists and turns for you all! So today I want to thank whatever powers are at work because I’ve had an awesome few days in the quiet!!! 

First up, I’ve agreed to teach horse owner courses for the Horse owners training academy- a brand new owner training venture run by EMA.

Secondly, I’m now part of a team that’s planning a trip to America to work with rehab and training mustangs….. living my “Heartland” fantasies to the full.

Next up, the icy weather that has put riding on hold hasn’t been of any detriment to my horses, they are all starting to ease back into work and the babies have really altered and matured in the last couple of weeks alone. Sometimes a break is just what they need! Always be mindful to not let your goals get in the way of doing what’s best for the horse! In this instance, the universe blasted us with a cold snap forcing us to give everyone a break!

and finally, a small triumph but after 34 years of nail-biting, I’ve just stopped!!! I’ve had to actually ask my nail tech friend how to care for these brand new talons I’m growing, much to her amusement!

so today, think of what awesome things big or small have happened for you lately and give some


Diane Cornthwaite

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